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At Move the Lid, we strive to be more than just a consulting firm.

We partner. 

We partner with people and organizations who care deeply about leading better. We connect to hearts with sincerity and honesty. We engage minds with perspective and creativity. We consult towards simple, yet powerful, action.

We believe that people leading from deep places can do great things that matter.

And we exist to serve leaders in doing what matters. 

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With a stripped-down and simple approach, we work to develop leaders, leadership teams and organizational priorities. 

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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

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High Performance Team Development


Organizational Development


This certainly doesn't cover it, but these three things are critical to everything we do.



We must define reality. This is where you are and how you got there. We don’t come to the table with assumptions, but seek to learn your reality – good, bad or ugly. We facilitate an honest, stripped-down dialogue where true candor is valued as the precursor to any type of growth. Before you can get where you want to be, you have to know exactly where you are.


We also must clarify the destination. This is where you want to be and why. We help to paint a clear picture of the future – a picture that excites and challenges. The people. The numbers. The influence. A future that matters takes significant effort, and the passion and pressure needed to get there begins with clarity.


Now, we move. This is where you make it happen. Where your picture comes to life and your team begins to execute. We know leadership is not easy, but it should be fulfilling. We focus on engaging people to shape a healthy team. We focus energy on the disciplines and drivers that will build your future. And we will fight to keep it simple. Not easy, but simple.


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