We partner with you to build leadership capacity.


We exist to build leadership capacity with those in pursuit of the worthwhile. 


We work with leaders who care deeply about what's at stake. Those who know leadership is about far more than themselves and who desire to create positive shifts in their world. We know significant leadership is necessary, but not easy. And, in light of great need, challenge and opportunity, we partner. We are with you as you create significant results and meaningful influence.



We check assumptions at the door and learn about your reality - good, bad or ugly. Then, we apply simple and stripped-down methods to create powerful outcomes in 4 areas of service:  


Leadership Cohesiveness 
"We are strong and healthy."


Leadership Development
"We are growing as leaders."

Leadership Alignment
"We are moving in the same direction."


Talent Management 
"We have the right people in the right positions."


Service Offerings


The Alignment Cycle
Executive Coaching
Life Coaching
Leadership Development Surveys
Employee Engagement and Culture Surveys

Predictive Index® System
Retreat/Meeting Facilitation
Leadership Development Workshops
Team Building Workshops
Keynote Presentations


Service Values

We strive to embody and cultivate vulnerability and authenticity.
We seek opportunities to build courage in ourselves and others.
We fight for simplicity in what we do.
We foster a spirit of partnership.

Contact Us

Andrew Cornell  founder/lead consultant

Andrew Cornell
founder/lead consultant

Tyler Stewart  project manager

Tyler Stewart
project manager

Nicole Lombardozzi  project coordinator

Nicole Lombardozzi
project coordinator


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