We serve and develop leaders.

That's our heartbeat. We care immensely about leaders, and we desire to meet them where they're at and partner as they move toward better things. 

The opportunities and challenges are immense in purpose driven organizations. The need for more capacity is great. And, the ripple effects of greater capacity are truly immeasurable. 

We serve leaders toward that end. 

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Executive Coaching: $475/month

A stripped-down, simple consulting partnership. Up to 3 hours per month. Call time will flex with the needs of the Operator and the business. 

Key Leader Coaching: $225/month

Leadership coaching targeting the development of a key leader on your leadership team. This is supplemental - regular coaching with the Operator must in place, and this will not replace that coaching. 

Leadership Development Surveys:

  • HEART/SERVE Assessment: $195/leader - an assessment which provides quantitative feedback to your leaders based on the HEART (leadership character) and SERVE (leadership skills) models created by Chick-fil-A
  • 360 Snapshot - $275/leader - an assessment providing summarized feedback from open-ended questions answered by 8 to 12 people who work closely with a leader
  • 360 Narrative - $525/leader - an assessment that provides a thorough written report summarizing feedback from open-ended interviews with 8 to 10 people who work closely with the leader

Emerging Leader Survey: $125/survey

A team-wide poll designed to quickly identify emerging leaders as you look to build your leadership bench.

Clarity Dive: $1450

A two week clarity process facilitated remotely in partnership with you and your leadership team. We work with the Operator and their team to hold progressive meetings and discussions that will work through an entire organizational clarity process. We work with the Operator one-on-one through week one defining critical, high-level elements of clarity and integrate the leadership team in week two in the development of the more tactical elements of clarity (individual leader scorecards, a leadership team scorecard, etc.) Contact us for more details. 

Partner Package: 

  • Executive Coaching with Operator
  • Key Leader Coaching
  • Leadership Bench Development - $75/month/leader - 360 Snapshot, Action Plan development and follow up call
  • $6000 for 6 months based on Operator, Key Leader and 4 other leaders