We exist to build leadership capacity with those in pursuit of the worthwhile. 


We work with leaders who care deeply about what's at stake. Those who know leadership is about far more than themselves and who desire to create positive shifts in their world. We know significant leadership is necessary, but not easy. And, in light of great need, challenge and opportunity, we partner. We are with you as you create significant results and meaningful influence.


What's in a name


‘Move the Lid’ captures our heartbeat - to get better, to lead better.

To open a box, you must first move the lid. At Move the Lid, we display openness and cultivate vulnerability. The need to grow implies we haven't arrived, so we don't pretend that we have.

A lid, just like a leader, is located at the top. We work with leaders. And, when leaders get better, capacity grows and everyone wins.

And every box has a lid, so our name articulates that leadership is deeply personal. For a leader to get results, they have to grow first. They have to move, getting out of their own way, for the sake of what matters.